Disciplinary procedures

Disciplinary procedures in case of violations and making an appeal

By signing the Code of Ethics the breeder is obliged to act with integrity in relation to the organizations, his breeding program (including these Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations), his colleagues as well as his puppy buyers.

10.1 Violation of the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations or the Code of Ethics

10.1a If the breeder violates the Code of Ethics and/or the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA Europe the violation could be published on the ALFA-Europe website. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, the breeder could be banned from registering breeding dogs and litters in future.

10.1b Disciplinary measurements could be divided into three categories:

Request to correct:

If a breeder makes an administrative mistake concerning the registration regulations, the breeder will be asked by mail to correct the mistake.  Such mistakes/requests will not be published.


If the breeder violates the Code of Ethics and/or these Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations, the breeder will get by email an official warning from the board. This will not be published.


If the breeder violates the Code of Ethics and/or these Breeding Rules more seriously and/or repeatedly, the breeder could be suspended or even excluded.

The violation will be discussed within the board and appropriate disciplinary measurements will be taken. The breeder will receive this decision by email and by registered mail.

Note: Before a suspension or exclusion will be published, the breeder has the right to have his case viewed by an Independent Committee (see art. 10.2).

10.1c If the breeder does not make within 14 days use of his right to have his case viewed by an independent committee, the disciplinary measurement will be published (see art. 10.3b).

10.2 Making an appeal to an Independent Committee

10.2a The breeder will get the opportunity to make an appeal within 14 days after he has been notified of the decision from the board of ALFA-Europe.

10.2c Both parties will be asked to appoint an equal number of members for this committee. Each party may appoint a maximum of two members who have experience with the matter on hand. This committee has to appoint an additional member both parties agree on.

Note: Board members of ALFA-Europe cannot be appointed when one of the conflicting parties is ALFA-Europe or one of its board members.

10.3 Appealing process

10.3a The breeder must appeal within one week after he has been notified by registered mail about the decision (or complaint) of the board of ALFA-Europe. The appeal must be submitted to info.alfa.europe@gmail.com

10.3b During the appeal, the publication of the initial decision of the board to publish the violation of the breeder on the website will be put on hold.

10.3c The written appeal must be accompanied with all documents to substantiate the grounds of the appeal. Both parties are responsible for providing all relevant documents to the Independent Committee members as well as to ALFA-Europe in time.

10.3d The independent committee including the additional member has to be appointed within 60 days from the moment the appeal has been made. Documents have to be available on the day the committee is installed. If the party who wants to make an appeal does not appoint member(s) for this committee or does not provide the relevant documents within 28 days, the appeal will be canceled.

10.3e The members of the Independent Committee choose a chairman and a secretary. The way the Independent Committee handles the appeal will be at her own discretion. 

10.3f  The Independent Committee is entitled to require additional information from the appealing parties (ALFA-Europe always receives a copy of the additional information).

10.3g After viewing the case, the conflicting parties will receive the outcome explained by the Independent Committee in writing, not later than three months after the Committee has started their work.

10.3h The outcome of the Independent Committee is based on the majority of votes and will be final. The parties will receive the outcome explained by the Independent Committee in writing. The Board of ALFA-Europe will receive a copy of the final decision.