Our Aims

The Aims of ALFA-Europe are:

  • ALFA-Europe will be committed to the protection, preservation, and promotion of the vital, healthy, and allergy-friendly AUTHENTIC – AUSTRALIAN – LABRADOODLE, (also known as ASD Australian Labradoodle), originally bred according to the vision of the founders of this unique breed.
  • Creation and maintaining a database in order to document the health and the lineage of the AES Australian Labradoodle.
  • To create a reliable source of information for owners and future puppy buyers.
  • ALFA-Europe will be committed to maintaining the valuable characteristics of their AES Australian Labradoodles and ensuring a sound genetic breeding pool.

In order to achieve this, ALFA-Europe will:

  • work with a Code of Ethics as well as Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations which exclude different Labradoodle breeding programs (look-alikes) in order to assure the puppy buyer that he is able to buy a puppy from a breeder who breeds with integrity.
  • keep the supervision concerning the DNA profiles as well as parentage verification of the AES Australian Labradoodles (puppies and adult breeding dogs) in Europe from all breeders who register their dogs and litters with ALFA-Europe.
  • register those Australian Labradoodles in an ALFA-Europe Studbook, which are bred according to the rules laid down in the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations. The registered dogs will be registered as AES Australian Labradoodles.
  • maintain a database in order to document the health and the lineage of the authentic AES Australian Labradoodle.
  • provide a transparent registration of breeding dogs on its website.
  • provide true pedigrees based on DNA profiling and parent verification.
  • monitor the health, welfare, and breeding of the authentic AES Australian Labradoodle. Breeding stock is annually health-checked throughout its breeding life.
  • be able to organize a health survey to monitor the health of the whole population of AES Australian Labradoodles with the help of a well-kept database.