Does Australian Labradoodle shed?

There are dogs that have a block pattern of shedding. That means they lose a lot of coat a couple of times a year during certain seasons. Like Labrador for example.

However, there are dogs that have a mosaic pattern of shedding – hair by hair. Therefore this process for us is mostly invisible. Especially when you actually have to brush the dead hair out. Australian Labradoodle is a type of breed with a mosaic shedding pattern. It means every single hair has to go through the growth cycle and when it is not fed anymore it dies and has to leave the hair follicle in order to give a chance for the new hair to grow. It is a natural process however in Australian Labradoodle most of the hair is in the growth phase so shedding is mostly invisible. 

So actually all breeds shed however those of mosaic shedding patterns seem like they do not.