Registration procedures for breeding dogs

Breeders (including future breeders) who embrace the philosophy of ALFA-Europe have to sign our Code of Ethics if they want to register their dog(s) and litters in the ALFA-Europe foundation. Those breeders are committed to breed only AES Australian Labradoodles according to the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA-Europe.

For transparency reasons (in order to prevent the puppy buyer will be deceived) only one Australian Labradoodle breeding program is allowed, no exceptions for other Labradoodle breeding program(s) of look-alikes will be accepted.

However, being a breeder of an internationally recognized breed as well, it is of course not a problem when the breeder is a member of that particular official breed club and breeds according to the rules of that breed club in his country.

In order to register your Australian Labradoodle as an AES Australian Labradoodle, ALFA-Europe has the following procedures:

1) You want to register a dog whose parents are already in our database.

If you are a novice breeder you have to sign the code of ethics first.

After the dog has passed his health tests, you may submit the application form concerning registering a breeding dog.

Complete this form according to the instructions written on the form, pay the required fee, and submit the form by email to ALFA-Europe.

ALFA-Europe will examine all the submitted documents. When the dog is accepted ALFA-Europe will send you a registration logo with a unique number for the registered dog by email.

The breeder must publish this unique registration logo given by ALFA-Europe together with the main picture of the registered dog on the website of the breeder. This number must also be a direct link to the appropriate registration page of ALFA-Europe.

After you have put the registration logo on your website, the registered dog will appear on the appropriate registration page on the website of ALFA-Europe with his registration number.

With the publication of the accepted breeding dog(s) on the website of ALFA-Europe, the registration procedure has been completed.

2) You want to register a dog whose parents are not in our database.

Please gather as much information about the dog in question.

In order to know what requirements the new dog must fulfill, look at the form assessment of a new breeding dog or look at art. 5.1d and 5.1e of the Breeding rules and Registration regulations.

If you want to be a new breeder of AES Australian Labradoodles and you embrace the philosophy of ALFA-Europe, ALFA-Europe is glad to help you in order to find a breeding puppy or breeding dog that is eligible (many breeding puppies offered on the internet are not) and that contributes to the breeding population of ALFA-Europe.

Note: It is wise to contact ALFA-Europe before you pay a deposit or actually buy the dog!