Infusions in Australian Labradoodle

The first infusion introduced to the Australian Labradoodle was an Irish Water Spaniel. 

In choosing that infusion Beverley went for the working lines and stayed away from the show lines. As an experienced judge, she was already aware that some faults can be easily hidden in the show ring. Working lines on the other hand are checked on the field where they have to show certain qualities like resistance and desired temperament traits. 

Infusion of an Irish Water Spaniel strengthened the following:

  • desired coat type bringing it farther away from the labrador’s coat impact
  • “soft mouth” trait. Dogs working in the field have to have a soft mouth in order to bring haunted animal intact
  • nice and soft temperament trait
  • It also introduced new colors – chocolate and raven black. By then the brown color was already seen in Labradoodles however it had a tendency towards diluting towards maturity and becoming a cafe latte. Raven black is called a color purifier and can intensify colors like red and coffee brown.

The next infusions of English and American Cocker Spaniels desired to bring down the size of the Australian Labradoodle while maintaining a strong, good bone structure.

The last infusion that Beverley has added was Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from true Irish lines. 

The ears of Wheatens are lifted at the base of the head and that allows better air circulation into the ear canal. So Beverley was hoping to reduce ear infections in Australian Labradoodles. She has chosen the breed also for its light silky coat, strong straight back, straight forearms when viewed from all sides, good angulation, and overall balance. 

In the literature there is also a record of Curly Coated Retriever however Beverly denies using that infusion herself. It is not further mentioned who, when and for what reason used that breed. Alfa-Europe strictly follows the breed standard of the founder of the breed – Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor Breeding and Research Center.