Litter Registration Guide

Step 1 – Stud Certification Form

In the first step,  add the stud dog and the bitch (parents). In this step, the litter will get the Working name of the litter. You will use this name in the next steps. 

Step 2 – Litter Registration Form – Part 1

Choose Working name of the Litter and proceed to the next sub-steps.

Step 3 – Litter Samples Submission Form

In this step, you will generate the Samples submission form. Kennel and parents’ data will be uploaded automatically.

Step 4 – De-sexing Form

Also in this step, the working name of the letter will be used. In the end, you will generate a De-sexing form in a pdf file. 
NOTE: if you do De-sexing all puppies at once, in one veterinarian place use the file called De-sexing form (all the puppies: litter registration number). In this PDF form, all the puppy’s details will be uploaded automatically. 
If you do De-sexing puppy by puppy use the form called De-sexing form (blank): litter registration number. In this PDF form, the puppy details have to be fulfilled manually. 

Step 5 – Litter Registration Form – Part 2

Are you ready to finalize your litter registration process? To do that properly prepare a scan (pdf) of the documents mentioned below. 

  1. Scan of Litter Sample Submission Form
  2. Scan od De-sexing Form, one form (all puppies) or single form (puppy by puppy)

Step 6 – Pedigree Application Form

It’s time to apply for a pedigree for your puppies. Choose the Working name of the Litter, all the puppies will be uploaded automatically. Mark the puppy you want to apply for and go to the next sub-steps. 

Available Puppies Form

if you would like to make an announcement about the availability of puppies, you can do it in this step.