Code of ethics

The following statement is a promise to adhere to the following Code of Ethics, signed by every breeder whose dogs and litters are recognized by and have been registered with the Foundation ALFA-Europe.

The Code of Ethics is not just a promise without engagement. By signing it the breeder subjects to these Rules and Regulations.

For transparency reasons it is divided into three sections:

1) Promises towards ALFA-Europe;

2) Promises towards the puppy buyer and

3) Promises towards colleague breeders.

The Code of Ethics should be signed only once, but every time the breeder submits any new application for registration, this will be considered as a confirmation of this promise.  If the breeder violates this Code of Ethics, litters and/or dogs of that particular breeder shall not be eligible for registration in the future.

Promises towards ALFA-Europe

  1. I promise not to discredit the foundation of ALFA-Europe, its board members or their Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations. Consequently, I promise that I will not link to breeders who are breeding with Australian Labradoodles or Labradoodle look-alikes, which are not registered with ALFA-Europe. In the event of a disagreement or conflict, I will act according to art. 37 and 38.
  2. I acknowledge that if I do not abide by this Code of Ethics, I will no longer be able to register my dogs and their progeny. I can count on respectful and fair treatment by the board of ALFA-Europe, should this situation arise. Neither ALFA-Europe nor I will discuss the matter in public but I am aware that according to art.17 my violation of the Code of Ethics and/ or Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations will be published (see also art.16 and 17).
  3. When I refer to my breeding dogs on my website I will only use the name: AES Australian Labradoodles.
  4. I shall truthfully provide ALFA-Europe with all the information needed in order to be able to register my breeding stock and their progeny. I shall not conceal or withhold information that may be relevant to the (future) health of the Australian Labradoodles registered with ALFA-Europe.
  5. I shall breed according to the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA-Europe and I shall ensure that the health of the AES Australian Labradoodle breed plays a major role in my breeding program.
  6. If I breed other officially recognized breeds, I will submit a valid and true copy of my membership card of that official breed club in my country together with this Code of Ethics.
  7. I will have my breeding stock as well as their progeny identified by microchip and a DNA profile including parentage verification.  When a dog has been imported into Europe, a new DNA-test will be carried out by the Van Haeringen Laboratory (in the Netherlands) in order to determine his DNA-profile.
  8. In case that the laboratory needs a new sample because the DNA sample was insufficient to analyze properly or if the parent verification analysis was questionable, I promise to cooperate and submit new DNA samples (according to the instructions in the sample submission form) in order to get a proper result. 
  9. Name and the permanent identification numbers (microchip number and DNA-profile) will be mentioned on all correspondences or on official documents such as health testing-, application- and other registration forms, so that the identity of the dog can be determined at any time.
  10. I promise to submit the registration forms in time as mentioned in the Breeding Rules en Registration Regulations in order to avoid delay in the registration process.
  11. I agree that with each application ALFA-Europe may check the presented data at all relevant levels of authority.  I will provide ALFA-Europe a written permission to do so when such permission is asked for. This can be the case when the signed code of Ethics is not accepted as permission to make inquiries.
  12. I shall put the ALFA-Europe registration logo next to or underneath the most prominent picture of each registered dog.  I promise that this registration logo with its unique number will be a direct link to the appropriate registration page of ALFA-Europe.
  13. I ensure that any puppy ​​not chosen for breeding, as well as retired dogs will be neutered or spayed. Breeding puppies that have failed to be eligible for registration due to health issues will be neutered too.
  14. I promise to participate in a health survey held among all puppy buyers to monitor the health of the whole population.
  15. My website will have on the index-page a prominent link (not hidden) to the ALFA-Europe website.
  16. I agree that the board of ALFA-Europe or its representative (e.g. a requested veterinarian in the country of the breeder) may visit me to inspect my breeding premises and my dogs (including my administration regarding ALFA-Europe).  In the event that I am in violation of the Code of Ethics or the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations, the board of ALFA Europe will take appropriate actions as mentioned in the following articles.
  17. In the event that I am being accused of a violation of the Code of Ethics or the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations that leads to a suspension or exclusion, I can ask an Independent Committee to look at my case.  Neither ALFA-Europe, nor I shall discuss the present issue in public, e.g. websites, on forums or in mailing lists, etc. I will accept the final verdict of the Independent Committee and I will not challenge the final verdict by legal actions.
  18. If the Independent Committee decides against my case, I accept that my name, the name of my kennel, my website and the violations will be published on the website of ALFA-Europe according to the Disciplinary procedures. The decision that my litters and puppies are no longer eligible for registration will be published too. These publications cannot be prevented or challenged by legal actions.

Note: I have read and understood the Disciplinary procedures (see attachment of the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations). 

  1. I agree that in case of disagreement about interpretation of different translations, the English version of the Code of Ethics and the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA Europe will be decisive.

Promises towards the puppy buyer

  1. If I register my Australian Labradoodles with ALFA-Europe, I realize that I cannot be a member of an (Australian) Labradoodle organization apart from the breed club of European Breeders (the IEALB) who have registered their Australian Labradoodles with ALFA-Europe. I will not publish logos of those other organizations on my website.
  2. Information on my website, which is in conflict with the Rules of ALFA-Europe (Code of Ethics or the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations), can be ordered to be taken of the website or corrected.
  3. I shall breed according to the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA-Europe and I shall ensure that the health of the AES Australian Labradoodle breed plays a major role in my breeding program.  
  4. I promise that I shall breed only AES Australian Labradoodles. I promise that I shall not breed Labradoodle look-alikes.  I am allowed to breed other internationally recognized breeds but only when I am also a member of that particular official breed club and breed according to the rules of that breed club in that country (see art.5).  For transparency reasons, I promise to declare prominently on the index page of my website what kind of other breeds I breed.
  5. I will not ask an entry fee for putting the name of a prospective puppy buyer on my waiting list, but I am allowed to ask a deposit of up to equivalent of 100, – Euro on the condition that I have met the prospective puppy buyer and that the puppy buyer will get a puppy within one year.
  6. When I organize an open day in order to show my dogs I am allowed to ask a reasonable entry fee in order to get my expenses paid. 
  7. I declare that my puppies will be raised and socialized within my family or a guardian family.  
  8. I will provide all puppy buyers with all the information they need.  I will show them on request all health documents including the X-rays.  I will make sure that the puppy buyers will be adequately informed about what is needed to take care of and how to train a puppy.  I promise to help the puppy buyer with advice when this is needed.
  9. Before signing the selling contract I will give the prospective puppy buyers the opportunity to have their allergy tested by letting those person(s) come into contact with a proven allergy friendly AES Australian Labradoodle in an allergy friendly environment.

29 In the selling contract a provision is made in case a puppy is suffering from a life-threatening genetic disease within the first 24 months of its life. According to the contract, the breeder will contribute to the costs of necessary veterinarian treatments with a maximum of the selling price of the puppy. Additional details will be specified in the selling contract.

  1. In the contract I shall mention that when the puppy has to go to another family the buyer should contact the breeder (it will not be allowed that the puppy is offered or sold over the internet or through an advertisement in the paper). I shall help to replace the puppy if the owner is not able to do this, including arranging a financial settlement between the puppy buyer and the new owner.
  2. I ensure the puppy buyers that they get a certified ALFA-Europe pedigree (including the original documents concerning DNA-profiling and parentage verification).

Promises towards colleague breeders

  1. I shall treat my colleague breeders fair and with respect and give them all the information they need to buy a breeding dog/puppy from me. To avoid disagreements later on, I promise to make a contract of every business agreement between my colleague breeders and me (buying/selling breeding stock and buying/selling stud services).

Note: In case of a disagreement with a colleague breeder, I promise to solve the problem according to art.37 and 38. 

  1. If I sell a breeding puppy or breeding dog, I have to hand over all the original documents of that breeding puppy or breeding dog to the new owner. In case the puppy or dog has been sold to a breeder who lives abroad, I will send those documents by registered mail.  
  2. I promise that if I sell a breeding puppy to a future breeder I shall coach this new breeder and help him in any possible way in order to help him to become a responsible breeder.
  3. I am allowed to make use of guardian families unless the breeder of my breeding dog has explicitly forbidden this in our buying/selling contract or this is one of the conditions written in the contract made up in case of a stud service (see art. 32.).
  4. If a breeding puppy is suffering from a genetic defect or it turns out that the breeding puppy appears to be unsuitable for breeding, the puppy buyer has the right to get a new puppy from the same breeding line (or another puppy when both parties have agreed on that), for the price of a pet dog. The puppy who did not qualify has to be neutered.
  5. In the event of a disagreement or conflict, I shall try to solve this problem in a satisfactory manner. If the conflicting parties are not able to solve the problem, I will put the matter to the Independent Committee (see the Disciplinary procedures of ALFA-Europe), from which I shall accept the outcome of their verdict.
  6. I promise to provide the Independent Committee with all the documents they need in order to consider my case.


  1. With my signature, I declare that I have understood this Code of Ethics including all its implications.  I declare that I have read and understood the Disciplinary procedures too.  I agree that in case of differences in interpretation because of different translations, the English version of the Code of Ethics and the Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations of ALFA Europe will be decisive. 
  2. When the original language of the breeder is anything other than the English language, I have understood and have signed the translated version as well.