Is an Australian Labradoodle allergy-friendly breed?

First of all, there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog. Allergy is a very individual matter. Humans can be allergic to dog epidermis, saliva, or even proteins that puppy urine contains.

Therefore we recommend meeting an adult Australian Labradoodle first before you make any final decisions. If the result of the meeting is satisfactory then you should meet the breeder as well to see if there is no allergic reaction when puppy urine is present. 

Why? Because then your breeder will help you and lead you through the process of adoption giving you all the necessary advice. In a lot of cases, adoption is possible if the family is able to face a sanitary regime and follow breeder suggestions. 

How about the coat of an Australian Labradoodle – why is it considered allergy friendly?

The coat of the dog is not the source of allergens itself but it is coated by them. In a single hair, we can find epidermis, gland discharge, saliva, urine, dust, and other non-zoonotic allergens.  

Now – there are breeds that exchange their coat a couple of times a year in “blocks”. That means that a lot of hair is shedding at the same time. A lot of hair shedding means difficulty in keeping it free from allergens as the hair is everywhere in our clothing, on the furniture, and so on. 

Some breeds, however, like an Australian Labradoodle, exchange their hair in a mosaic pattern. That means hair by hair like in humans. Therefore we do not see hair flying around the house. Additionally, the dead hair in order to fall out needs brushing – this is a way to remove it. So with Australian Labradoodles, you do not see plenty of hair flying around the house. Therefore the allergen can be under control if we pay proper attention to managing the coat of our dog.  It is worth mentioning here that stress, poor food, and sickness can cause shedding in our dogs.