Registered breeding dogs 2018

All dogs who are linked are registered with ALFA-Europe. Parents who are not linked are accepted as parent of the registered breeding dog.






Doodlehof's Freindly Badu / Date of birth: 15 / 06 / 2017

Portrait Doodlehof's BaduShow position Doodlehof's BaduSire: Cherry Theodore Roosevelt
Dam: Rudzhi's Apparition Gallant Daisy

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 55cm
Registration number: AES-F1810TC
DNA- profile: VHL_ID H272702

Owner: Rion and Geert Jacobs
Kennel: Doodlehof




Doodlehofs Cute Fleurtje / Date of birth: 16 / 11 / 2016

Doodlehof's Cute FleurtjeShow position DOddlehof's Cute FleurtjeSire: Rudzhi's Apparition Amazing Koda
Dam: Rudzhi's Apparition Xmas Rajah

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 48cm
Registraion number: F1809C
DNA-profile: VHL-ID H173372

Owner: Rion and Geert Jacobs
Kennel: Doodlehof



Wlochata Pasja Terrific Nova / Date of birth: 27 / 03 / 2017

portrait whlochata Pasja NovaShow position WP NovaSire: Rutlands Black Onyxe
Dam: Wlochata Pasja Filigree Surprise

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 55cm
Registration number: AES-F1808C
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H208200

Owner: Edyta Gajewska
Kennel: Wlochata Pasja



Cymbrogi's Nyawi Nessa / Date of birth: 06 / 02 / 2017

Portrait Cymbrogi's Nyawi NessaShow position Cymbrogi's Nyawi NessaSire: Wlochata Pasja Dazzling Jack
Dam: Rutlands WH Ava

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 60 cm
Registration number: AES-F1807TC
DNA-Profile: VHL_ID H190844

Owner: Magdalena Harling
Kennel: von Werina



Sun Valley's Emmely / Date of birth: 17 / 01 / 2017 (accepted in the database)

GNTL-Emmely GNTL-EmmelySire: Rosewood Harvey
Dam: Sun Valley's T-Cup

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 49cm
Registration number: AES-F1806TC
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H180347

Owner: Anna and Mirko Imbro
Kennel: German Next Top Labradoodles



Doodlehof's Darling Keet / Date of birth: 03 / 01 / 20 17

Doodlehof's Darling KeetDoodlehof's Darling Keet Sire: Rudzhi's Apparition Amazing Koda
Dam: Rudzhi's Appariton Dazzling Miley

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 47cm
Registration number: AES-F1805TC
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H239738

Owner: Rion and Geert Jacobs
Kennel: Doodlehof



DutchDoodles Woody / Date of birth: 21 / 02 / 2017 (accepted in the database)

Dutchdoodles Woody Show position Dutchdoodles Woody Sire: Dutchdoodles Wessel
Dam: Dutchdoodles Femke

Sex: Male
Size: Medium / 50cm
Registration number: AES-M1804TC
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H 239547

Onwer: Rion and Geert Jacobs
Kennel: Doodlehof



Kudlaty Czar Delightful Mila / Date of birth: 26 / 09 / 2016

Kudlaty Czar Mila Show position MilaSire: Wlochata Pasja Norelek Joey
Dam: Wlochata Pasja Delegate Gala

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 51cm
Registration number: AES-F1803TC
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H171812

Owner: Anna Feliszewska
Kennel: Kudlaty Czar



Doodlehof's Amazing Winnie / Date of birth: 17 / 09 / 2016

portrait RA Cute Winnie Show-position RA Cute WinnieSire: McWally Orange Aussie Dogs
Dam: Rudzhi's Apparition Youthful Pooka

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 45 cm
Registration number: AES-F1801TC
DNA-profile: VHL_ID H166322

Onwer: Rion and Geert Jacobs
Kennel: Doodlehof



Cobbers Charm Bluebird Ruby / Date of birth: 07 / 04 / 2014

Portrait CC Bluebird Rubyshow position CC Bluebird RubySire: Cherry Theodore Roosevelt
Dam: Wlochata Pasja Donna Kyra

Sex: Female
Size: Medium / 59cm
Registration number: AES-F1802TC
Dna-profile: VHL_ID H60501

Owner: Annelies van Dijk
Kennel: Cobbers Charm Australian Labradoodles




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