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Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratory

The name of a Dutch laboratory that examines and stores the DNA-samples send by breeders who have registered their dogs with ALFA-Euope. The VHL post address is:

Logo Van Haeringen laboratoryDr. van Haeringen Laboratory
PO box 408
6700 AK Wageningen
The Netherlands

Logo of the European Union E.U. laws concerning animals




Import regulations from countries outside the E.U.


Import / export puppies between E.U. countries



Logo of the IEALBIndependent European Australian Labradoodle Breeders

The European Breed club of AES-Australian Labradoodle breeders who have registered their dogs with the foundation ALFA-Europe (this site is still under construction).


Interview with Wally Conron

My story I designed a dog

Articles about Improper Coat

The Journal of Heredity published in 2010 a scientific paper about the discovery of the gene mutation that is causing the improper coat.

The American Breed organisation of Portoguese Water Dogs presented an informative article . . .


Coat variations



Links talked about in the introduction of the breeding rules.

The Dutch Zembla documentary: Het einde van de Rashond

The BBC documentary: Pedigree exposed (three years later)

WDR Video Podcast information channel: Die Story, das Geschäft mit der Hundezucht


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