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General payment instructions and information

Please mention with your payment(s):

1. Your kennel abbreviation (for all payments)

2. Name of of the dog related to the form

3. The Form-number (or the purpose(s) of the form (e.g. DNA-test)


The following forms require a fee:

Form 1 - Dog Assessment

Form 2 - DNA-profile and Parentage verification (individual dog)

Form 3 - DNA-test prcd-PRA (Choose between: OptiGen or Partner lab)*

* The tests performed by both laboratories are technical identical!

Form 4 - DNA-test Combination pack - Coat Colour
In case this test fails (partly), VHL cannot retest the sample for free, so a new sample has to be submit.

Form 5 - DNA-test Improper Coat /Furnishings

Form 6 - Order Form DNA-test which are offered by the van Haeringen Laboratory
Note: For tests and prices please consult the VHL website.

Form 7 - Litter DNA profile and Parentage verification

Form 8 - Requesting a new sample by the laboratory (for retesting)
In case VHL requests to submit a new DNA sample, ALFA-Europe will inform you if extra costs will be charged.

Form 9 - Breeding dog Registration

Form 10 - Pedigree Application

Form 11 - Litter Registration


Note 1
The new forms (version 2017) have been sent to you by email d.d. 07 / 02 / 2017
There are no costs for forms with the following numbers:
F12, F13, F14, F15, F16 and F17

Note 2
There is no separate form for requesting a copy
(e.g. pedigree, VHL-Certificate or other), please send your request by email.

Note 3
Concerning payments
It is highly appreciated that every form is payed separately! In case payments are combined, please list all the different forms (e.g. F3, F4, F9 ) This makes the work of the treasurer much easier!


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